We provide a wide range of ISO 15189 accredited comprehensive analyses for haematological diseases and cancers. For our accredited scope of practice please see here*.

We have centralised specimen reception and reporting systems in place that allow us to issue integrated reports containing all relevant tests:

  • Malignant disease: morphology, histopathology, immunophenotyping, conventional cytogenetics, molecular tests
  • Haemochromatosis: biochemistry including iron studies, molecular genetics
  • Haemostasis: wet coagulation and molecular genetics
  • Haemoglobinopathies: haematology and Hb electrophoresis

These are reviewed and interpreted by senior clinical scientists and OUH clinicians managing patients with these conditions on a day-to-day basis.

*Any tests referred to in this handbook which are not explicitly covered in the scope of practice above are by definition NOT part of the laboratories external accreditation. They should as far as practicable still be covered by the Laboratory Quality Management system, including QC and initial verification.

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Last updated 21 May 2018